where is pix24 defined?


i am not sure if this is the right place to ask, i am trying to port to linux a python wrapper to OpenFrameworks but i am having some troubles. I am not expert on C++ and makefiles… I started from the windows codeblocks project by ech0.

currently i am stucked in an error where the compiler cannot find the definition of “pix24” i dont get many clues as where this is actually coming from. I have been searching the code of OF and also tried linking some libraries with no luck, looks like something to do with graphics. More details on the error are in this threas in the Bindings section of the forum.


I decided to write here because I dont think everyone is reading that part of the forum very often, and it would be great if i can get this done during this week.

does anyone have any idea where this could be coming from?



greetings !

it’s in ofQtUtils.h:

//-------------------------- helpful for rgba->rgb conversion  
typedef struct{  
	unsigned char r;  
	unsigned char g;  
	unsigned char b;  
} pix24;  

I hope this helps!

take care!!

thanks!! why did i not see that before? too many places to search for i guess. But this does not make much sense since there is already a path pointing to that folder in the codeblocks project… so i am still stucked here :frowning: i keep searching…

that file has an ifdef so it’s not included in linux, surely that’s why you’re getting the error.

don’t know why is being used at all though, since it’s only windows/mac specific and it shouldn’t be used in any of the linux code

mmm… i am including it in the swig configuration file. So I am forcing it to include the file. This is because I took the windows files for the wrapper and I am modifiying them. thanks for pointing this.

for future reference: you can do a recursive find-in-files from the console like this (Linux/OSX):

find . -iname “*.cpp” -or -iname “*.h” | xargs grep -ni “find this case-insensitve string”


thanks for the tip!