Where Does The API Documentation on The Website Come From?


I’m used to having Visual Studio provide me with some inline documentation when I’m using C#, and I thought there may be something similar now that I’m migrating to CodeBlocks. I assumed because there was api documentation that there would be some inline comments in the source generating docs. I couldn’t find anything in the source so I guess I’m wrong. Where are those API docs coming from?

Is there anyway in code::blocks to get some short description or other details when I hover over a function name?

I was actually wondering the same thing … I know … old post but if anyone has any updates that would be splendid.

Short answer, no. I’m not sure whether codeblocks supplies that at all (maybe this addon helps: http://wiki.codeblocks.org/index.php?title=DoxyBlocks-plugin) but at the moment there aren’t inline comments in most of the OF code that would allow that to work. Hopefully this is going to get sorted out soon but at the moment it’s still just being done more or less by hand.