Where does ofSaveFrame() save images?

I’m trying to create a video of my project by saving frames and them stitching them together using FFMPEG.

At the end of my draw() loop I call ofSaveFrame()… but then either it isn’t saving the images, or I have no idea where it’s putting them. I looked at the source, and based off of that I think they should be saved in the main directory of my project… so why wouldn’t they show up?

Upon further investigation, if I use ofImage’s grabScreen() and saveImage() methods, I can’t seem to save images either.

I’m not sure if the problem is that I don’t know where they are being saved, or if the problem is something else – anyone have a recommendation?

they should end up in the data directory which is in the bin directory, so in yourproject/bin/data/

It appears that you need to create the bin/data folder yourself if it isn’t there – that was my problem. I didn’t already have one, and oF wouldn’t (or couldn’t) create one for me.