Where does ofLog print to?

Hi, really simple question but I’m stumped.

I have taken an example and added some logging with ofLog.
I can’t seem to find out where the printf output goes.

I’ve run the app in codeblocks and checked as many ‘console’ type windows.
I’ve also run the app from the command line and checked for any STDOUT.

I’m obviously doing something wrong, here’s the code snippets

void testApp::setup(){  
void testApp::keyPressed  (int key){  
    ofLog(OF_LOG_VERBOSE, "Key [%c] pressed", key);  
    if (key == 'f') {  

The app goes fullscreen when I press ‘f’, so I know it’s going through that code path.

Can anyone help?


ofLog() is just a wrapper for printf, so it should be printing to the console. Are you not seeing anything printed there?

What happens if you place a printf just after the ofLog(). Do you see that output?

Sorry, meant to add, I’ve searched the forums for ofLog and printf but have not found anything related.

Hi grimus,
I’m trying that now, didn’t see your response before I posted update.

I think I didn’t do a make clean or something, but I’m now getting the ofLog and the printf to the console window.

thanks for your help, told you it was a newbie question, I’ll try and make the next one more interesting