Where can I get "glfwSetDropCallback" source code?

I have a plan to build the openframeworks for x64 on windows7.
But there are 2 problems.
1.There are no libraries of the Quicktime for x64.
2.I can not find an implementation of the glfwSetDropCallback function of GLFW.
It seems the original extension for openframeworks.

Nope, QuickTime is not built 64-bit and has been unsupported on Windows by Apple for a while now. You might check out @theo’s DirectShow video player as an alternative.

Searching GitHub is always a good way to investigate, it appears that @arturo authored this drag and drop API, see PR #186.

Thank you for your kindness answer.
I solved the problem.

I report the solution in my blog (sorry in Japanese).

thanks for the info! even though it’s in japanese, it’s definitely understandable and very helpful for moving to 64bit.

dotchang, by commenting out GlfwSetDropCallback you’re not solving the problem, drop files into window wouldn’t work if you do that.

Source for GLFW with drop feature comes with 89d0723ba3 commit. Currently it doesn’t work properly on master branch, hopefully it will be resolved soon!

Thank you for your comment.It’s very useful function.
I also try it, and I can get good result.

But I found a small problem.
The length of string buffer is too short, To treat many files makes a error.


fileNamesForDrag = (char*)malloc(1024);
fileNamesSize = 1024;

It’s from 89d0723ba3 commit, maybe we should try to increase the size here manually as a temporary fix