Where can I find a webcam step sequencer?

Hi openframeworks people,

I urgently need to find/create a step sequencer that triggers wave audio file samples based on multiple objects seen by the webcam. I’ve seen made examples on YouTube and Vimeo but no-one seems to share the applications or openframework files online to download. I planning to do a public installation next month but if I can’t find an application like this I’ll have to cancel it.

I’ll appreciate any advice you can give me.

The webcam step sequencer thing is basically OpenCV contour tracking + sound playback. OpenFrameworks comes with examples for both.

It’s difficult (for me, anyway) to give you the best advice for your project unless you’re either a bit more specific with what your project is supposed to do, or how comfortable you are with C++ / oF.

That said, I’d really recommend Kyle’s-ofxCv-addon as it’ll do the vast majority of the work for you (check out the examples with “contours” in the name).

Thanks for the quick response,

I have no experience using C++ or openFrameworks .

These are examples of the type of thing I’d like to do:

http://youtu.be/cKd8NXWwvKI (D-touch audio looked great, but doesn’t actually allow changing the samples or visual symbols)

http://vimeo.com/45026119 (Beat Bricks looks like it could work but I don’t know how to adjust the coding)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOv2Fa0Kwb8 (No files available)

Thanks for mentioning OpenCV contour tracking and Kyle’s ofxCv addon. I will check both out, but I’m worried about if I’ll understand the code tweaking.

I need to figure out of this is possible soon, ideally I’d like to do something for Creative Cape Town week http://www.creativeweekct.co.za/-

Have you experimented with code before? If not you might want to take a peek at Processing as it will likely be easier to get up and running.

If you decide to commit to oF, the biggest hurdle you’ll face is making sure that the computer vision / openCV contour stuff does what you want. You should try running the openCV examples with whatever your intended camera & objects setup is, as it’ll give you a good indication of what computer vision is all about.

If it looks plausible, you’re looking at roughly 3 things you’ll need to do with your code:

  1. separate your objects from the background with openCV
  2. step through the openCV results and identify which sounds you should play at a given time
  3. play the sounds

oF comes with examples for 1 and 3 (the aforementioned opencv countours examples, and the soundPlayerExample). If you run into issues with 2, feel free to ask.

See here for some “getting started” guides -> http://www.openframeworks.cc/tutorials/introduction/