Where are the codeblocks project files?

The OF Book and all other guides I’ve seen to working with OF in Code::Blocks suggest to load the .cbp file from within the examples. But they simply are not there. Is there any plan to bring them back?

Otherwise how do I get started? I’ve compiled things with command-line make, but not used Codeblocks before.#Ed

Oops… I think this chapter of the ofBook needs to be updated:


Code::Blocks is a free/libre IDE. It runs on several platforms, but oF supports it for Microsoft Windows and Linux. It is quite “light” in terms of downloading and we (the contributors to this book) use it in workshops over Visual Studio, which can be a bit intimidating for beginners. For Microsoft Windows, follow the setup instructions (including step “e”) carefully. There are scripts that help install dependencies and the Code::Blocks IDE for Linux.

The recommended and supported free-libre IDE for Linux is QtCreator, and it works on Mac and Windows (although XCode and VisualStudio are probably more popular on those platforms).

You can see the supported IDEs in the download section: https://openframeworks.cc/download/