When using ofSoundPlayer, is it possible to save the loaded audio file into the build? + DFT references

Ive created an audio visualizer app for a specific piece of music and want to share the app but the load function with ofSoundPlayer requires the user to have the source sound file and also have it placed in a specific folder heirarchy.

Is there anyway to save the audio file as part of the app?

An alternative I found was using the ofxPortSF add-on which is great because it allows the user to load their own files as well - but then I face the issue of not being able to perform a DFT on the audio since I’m using the ofGetSoundSpectrum() which only works for sounds loaded using ofSoundPlayer :frowning:

Any suggestions ?

The only thing I can think of now is to write my own function to perform a DFT - which I do want to be able to eventually do but thats a long term solution. Either way I guess this is the right time and place to ask for good resources on writing DFT Functions.