When can I expect a version of OF that supports 64bit iOS?

When can I expect a version of OF that supports 64bit iOS?

Not long ago my app passed the validation check and now after the upgrade to latest version of Xcode 6.1 i’m getting this message. Being a new user i’m unable to display a screenshot. What’s up with that?

iTunes Validation Error: Validation is required prior to submission for approval to Apple.

The archive passed validation with several warnings.
iTunes Store operation failed.
Missing 64-bit support
build with iOS 8 SDK Xcode 6 or later
To enable - use default Xcode build setting of “Standard architectures” to build a single binary with both 32-bit and 64-bit

I just need a date!

Searching the forum for arm64 comes up with quite a few relevant threads, including one with almost the exact same title :wink::

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Also – @OpenJoe it seems like if you’re on the app store, you’re a sufficiently advanced user of openFrameworks so perhaps you could check out the iOS issues list and start working on some of them? That way you can help establish the release date, rather than demand it. Also feel free to subscribe to the of-dev mailing list and hop on our monthly developer meetings. I think you’ll get a better sense of how this community establishes milestones and release dates.


@OpenJoe, to get a build onto the AppStore right now… All you are required to do is change STANDARD_ARCHITECTURES to armv7

  • Edit your target’s Build Settings. Change the value for Architectures by opening the drop down, click on Other… and select it, delete the row with value $(ARCHS_STANDARD) and add two rows with values: armv7

We have a very experimental arm64 branch right now with apothecary build core libraries.
In the coming weeks will require all the testing we can, so please jump in on the issues or test :D!

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i made the suggested changes and i’m still getting the same error.
I’m using Xcode 6.1 running under OS X version 10.10
Unfortunately i’m not allowed to attach screenshots in this forum - “Sorry, new users can not upload images.”


iTunes Store operation failed.
Missing 64-bit support.Store must include 64-bit support and be build with the iOS 8 SDK, included in Xcode 6 or later.

When do you see this issue, when you try to Validate an archive or when you try to Distribute it?

Another option to provide an image is to upload it elsewhere (Dropbox, imgur…) then inline the image into the forum?

During the required Validation process. Product -> Archive -> Validate

Here are the links to the screenshots.


(Inline’ing one of @OpenJoe’s images)

This is expected and is worth noting it isn’t an error but is the warning informing of the upcoming changes.

Also, in the second image, you have your project building armv7s which won’t be supported by OF-0.9.0 (see #3423), so for now you may choose to have your project build armv7 only.

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Looking at that second image again, you are actually only building armv7, it was just that armv7s was in your valid architectures - no issue there.

Yeah as @pizthewiz said, this is just a Warning. Your submission will still be successful (unless you post it after February 2015.

By then we should have 0.9 with armv7 and arm64 for openFrameworks.

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Thanks, i just submitted my app for review.

I think the Warning/Failed message that pops up after the iTunes Validation check => “iTunes Store operation failed,” is very deceiving! And to add to the confusion, the normal “Validation Passed” status message in the organizer doesn’t show up if you get a “warning” like this.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for the help!

Glad to help, just be sure to keep an eye out for OF-0.9.0 for arm64 support, and link us to your app once approved! :wink:

It was finally approved…Here’s the link and thanks again!


Thanks for all who working on next versions of OF. We are dummy users look forward the next reliase.

I’m going to be building the libraries again this week for iOS 64 bit and the updated 0.9 libraries… this will be on a separate branch and going to need lots of testing…

64 bit day 1st of February, time running out for us D:

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Any news on official arm64 support?
Which branch has the updated iOS 64bit libraries?

The master branch seems to be broken for iOS, after running the project generator there are compile issues for the iOS projects:
ofAppiOSWindow::Settings settings; // xCode error: No type named ‘Settings’ in ofAppiOSWindow

More importantly, after fixing the above and adding arm64 to the Valid Architectures, there are many errors with various “Undefined symbols for architecture arm64”.

Also many warnings, such as:
(null): Ld: warning: ld: warning: ignoring file …/…/…/libs/FreeImage/lib/osx/freeimage.a, missing required architecture arm64 in file …/…/…/libs/FreeImage/lib/osx/freeimage.a (1 slices)ignoring file …/…/…/libs/FreeImage/lib/ios/freeimage.a, missing required architecture arm64 in file …/…/…/libs/FreeImage/lib/ios/freeimage.a (2 slices)ignoring file …/…/…/libs/freetype/lib/ios/freetype.a, missing required architecture arm64 in file …/…/…/libs/freetype/lib/ios/freetype.a (3 slices)

Early test branch here:

  • Missing Assimp
  • Missing OpenCV
  • Tess2 seems a bit broken
  • Some recent windowing code needs to be fixed for custom delegates (unrelated to compiling new libraries, core bug on master).

But it works!


looks like its work!
I can’t I can’t believe it!!! THANKS!!!

I have been having some limited success with the test branch, but now I have these errors:

Undefined symbols for architecture arm64:
“Poco::TextConverter::convert(std::string const&, std::string&)”, referenced from:
ofTrueTypeFont::getStringAsPoints(std::string, bool, bool) const in libofxiOS_iphoneos_Debug.a(ofTrueTypeFont.o)
ofTrueTypeFont::createStringMesh(std::string, float, float, bool) const in libofxiOS_iphoneos_Debug.a(ofTrueTypeFont.o)
ofTrueTypeFont::drawStringAsShapes(std::string, float, float) const in libofxiOS_iphoneos_Debug.a(ofTrueTypeFont.o)

and others:
“Poco::SystemException::SystemException(std::string const&, int)”
“Poco::DateTimeFormatter::append(std::string&, Poco::DateTime const&, std::string const&, int)”
“Poco::RegularExpression::RegularExpression(std::string const&, int, bool)”
“Poco::Net::HTTPRequest::HTTPRequest(std::string const&, std::string const&, std::string const&)”

“Poco::File::moveTo(std::string const&)”

Any ideas how to fix those?

not support the ofTrueTypeFont yet, i’v seen about the same.
And then I just deleted all ofTrueTypeFont objects from my code and all compiled excellent.
By the way ofxFontStash is fully supported.