What's your approach to keeping OF, QtCreator and clang updated?

Two years ago I switched to ArchLinux and it’s been great overall. I always have the latest programs and that has been great, except in one area: developing with OpenFrameworks.

I was lately thinking that the issue was about having compatible versions of OF and QtCreator, but I think I have to add clang to that list. My code hinting is currently all messed up (QtCreator gives me wrong autocomplete suggestions), and I noticed that in the QtCreator options panel it says “Analyzer: clang Version 3.9.1, unsupported (supported version is 3.8)”. Unfortunately I no longer have version 3.8 on /var/cache/pacman/pkg/.

My question is, how do you decide when to update OF, QtCreator and clang? Are there other components that can cause trouble? Should I maybe flag those packages to avoid them being updated? Any suggestions are welcome.

Thank you :slight_smile:

OF versions on Linux tend to need a specific version of qtCreator (and therefore Clang). Basically you should stick to the qtCreator version that works best with OF. The best way to do that is to install it manually, not via repos.

EDIT: Also remember that the Makefile system works too. You don’t necessarily need qtCreator (although I love the latter and wouldn’t go back)

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Thank you for the ideas @grimus .

I did add IgnorePkg = qtcreator clang mesa to pacman.conf, but I think it was not enough. My setup stopped working again and I spent the day trying to fix it.

I believe I should have added qbs to that ignore list. What seems to work right now is:

qbs        1.7.1-2 (newest is  1.9.0-1)
qtcreator  4.2.1-4 (newest is  4.4.0-2)
clang      3.9.1-2 (newest is  5.0.0-1)
llvm       3.9.1-2 (newest is  5.0.0-1)
llvm-libs  3.9.1-2 (newest is  5.0.0-1)
mesa      17.1.5-3 (newest is 17.2.1-3)

I find it hard to find the right versions of OF, qtcreator, qbs, clang, llvm, llvm-libs and mesa that works. Too many combinations…

downloading qtcreator from their web page instead of installing it from the repos usually is much easier

Thank you @arturo I’ll try that. I was concerned that downloading qtcreator from their website would install things on the wrong folders in ArchLinux (I trust pacman to do the right thing), and that later I would need to update qtcreator separately from the rest of the system, making maintenance a tiny bit less convenient.

I still have to know which version of qtcreator, clang, llvm and mesa to use. I wonder what would be a good place to mention that newer versions work ok, so others benefit from our testing. Maybe at https://github.com/openframeworks/ofSite/blob/master/content/setup/qtcreator.md ? (mention that 4.2.1 works too, with version X of clang+llvm?).

qtcreator is self contained, it doesn’t install anything outside of the folder where you put it and comes with everything needed (clang, llvm…) so it’s not a problem at all.

once qbs stabilizes a bit i can imagine it won’t change so much between versions as it does now and it’ll be much easier to use with any version but until then i think downloading qtcreator from their web is the most convinient