What's up with the new forum?! Hello! I'm "new"!

So, you have a new forum and I can’t understand how it work. I’ll just act as if I’m new.

Hello everyone!
I’m from Chile but (if I’m not mistaken) I will be living in London for the next 9 months.
How is the openFrameworks and Cinder scene there? and who should I ask about getting a good beer?

I’ll also act as if I’ve never met either Roy or Kyle. So… London anyone?


No? Nothing?
Come on! Any openF group based in London where I can learn more complicated stuff? More complicated openGL and Shading? Better Interaction and openCV?


I can’t speak from experience but from what I understand there is quite a big scene in London, you should have no problem finding a group there.

Hey TimS
It might be big but they seem to be lurking the forum? maybe?
Where can I find this groups? facebook?

I saw that the other day : http://www.meetup.com/london-creative-coding/

(I’m super far from london, just happened on this)

I think I’m gonna push this a bit.

Here is some of the stuff I did for a company a friend and I had for some time. They were done with openFrameworks and better understanding of GLSL.
Kinect interactive surface with GLSL acceleration and effects:

Port of Port of genius. Port of projectM which is a port of MilkDrop vis plugin for winamp, running in openFrameworks with nice GLSL.

4 way pong with AI (Incomplete). Designed for a contest we never won because they said “Games are not art”. Their loss:

Kaleidoscope with GLSL.

First tests of kinect interactive surfaces on a wall:

Incomplete Shooter with Google Earth background. I always wanted to make videogames. That is Chile in the background.

The company also left me a Point Grey Firefly MV 0.3 MP Mono Usb camera. I’ve not been able to sell it because nobody wanted it. Maybe someone in London wants it.


Here is something else I did just for the fun of it. An SNES Star Fox object decoder (Starwing in Europe).
It was done with openFrameworks so it is openGL. I added frame interpolation and stuff to the models.
The data for each model is read from the Star Fox snes rom (sure I have the cartridge).