What's the suggested approach to pull from patch-release?


Has the GitHub default branch changed? I think in the past I’ve pulled from master, but now the default seems to be patch-release.

By following these steps I do not get the latest changes, which fix this problem with ofOpenALSoundPlayer.

Without that change compiling any program fails. I can apply the changes manually, but I would like to know what’s the proper approach and if INSTALL_FROM_GITHUB needs to be updated again.

Thank you!

patch release is the default branch while we are on a patch release cycle, like 0.11.1

everything that is a bugfix should go into that branch, anything that adds features or changes the api in anyway should go to master and won’t be released until 0.12.0

if you want to add that information to the install from github doc that would be really useful

in any case i’ve just merged the latest changes from patch release into master so all the fixes are there too

How does this sound like? Any suggestions from anyone?

master vs patch-release branches

After an openFrameworks release, bug fixes will be eventually added to the patch-release branch while new features will land in the master branch instead.

If you need the recent bug fixes, run git branch to see if patch-release is already in your system.

A. If it’s not, get that branch:

$ git fetch origin patch-release
$ git checkout -b patch-release

B. If it’s already there, switch to it:

$ git checkout patch-release

Finally run

$ git pull

to download those bug fixes to your local patch-release branch, then try compile your program and see if the bug that was troubling you is now gone.

yeah that sounds great, can you send a PR? thanks!

Done :slight_smile: