What's a good solution to read a text file?

I would like to simply read a text file and get the content as a std::string.

And I found out ofBuffer can do this.

ofBuffer buffer = ofBufferFromFile("someFile.txt"); // reading into the buffer 
std::string str = buffer.getText();

But I can’t really figure out how it works internally. Is this method fast enough to use?

Or is there a faster way to do the identical job?

fast enough depends on what you are trying to do. for most cases it’s totally ok and indeed pretty optimized. you can tweak the buffer size used when reading from a file by calling:

ofFile textFile("someFile.txt")
ofBuffer buffer(textFile, blockSize);

which by default is 1024 but higher or lower values might give you better results depending on the file size and even on the drive you are reading from;

As always with optimizations the best is to always try the simplest way of doing things first and if that’s slow then try to optimize, in this case perhaps reading to a string buffer directly which would avoid 1 copy but other than that unless you use some weird file reading mode like mapped memory files or unbuffered reads i don’t think you are going to get much faster reads from a normal file read

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Thank you for your answer!