what would you like to see? here's what we are working on..

we are working on the following for the next release, which should be very soon:

– direct show input (via videoInputLib) for win32 video grabbing
– frame rate control (ofSetFrameRate)
– fft support for the rtAudio code
– high level audio support via fmod (audiere is an option, but not in osx) or quicktime

(as well as a lot of documentation !)

and in the near future, we are looking at:

– cross platform serial (** very important)
– midi via rtMidi
– simple udp and tcp
– simple I/O
– perhaps XML I/O (via paramio, or another simple xml lib)

what else might you want to see?

thanks ! zach

being able to export video would be nice.

cool - we have a 3/4 done video saver (via quicktime) – it only does video (no audio - which I’d like to find a way to add) but it’s quite nice. based on the quicktime imagej video saving code – it can grab a section of the screen (using glReadPixels) or take a unsigned char array with RGB pixels. I will take a look at how hard it would be to bring it up to release status in the next release.

what else are people interested in ?

–3D Data export/import: .obj, collada or fbx
–image analyzing tools like blob detection, tracking as functions.

with collada and fbx. it can be possible to have motion and materials
transferable from and to 3D software. imagine the possibility to be
able to export interactively generated 3d-models and their motion ;).

I know this is a huge amount of work to do, but you asked, hehe…


hi -

sounds like alot, but good to hear!

the computer vision, blobs + tacking is very close, and we will release it once we have done much of the next iterations of OF code. we have a very simple wrapper for opencv, which gives contours of blobs, and a simple class that trys to track blobs over multiple frames. It’s coming very soon…

about 3d input / output, we will take a look - (it’s a topic I don’t know much about!). any library recommendations would be appreciated. We would also recommend you check out OGLE, which might be able to help getting openGL drawn objects and scenes into a 3d program.

thanks for the input – this is very valuable for us…

what else?

wow, good to hear about the simplified openCV access, this will rock for sure :slight_smile:

thanks for the ogle link, i will study this one.
as for 3D and DCC content exchange (collada)you can find more
informations on http://www.khronos.org/collada/.


i do not know if there is already something similar in the framework
or makes sense at all to include as function (maybe a samplefile would
be better for such things) but here is another request:

–ofBlurRadial(x,y,xCenter, yCenter, radius, quality);
–ofBlurZoom(x,y,xCenter, yCenter, quality);
–sharpen or matrix filter
–ofSmooth(); (Antialiasing-switch like in processing)

–ofDonut(x,y,r1,r2, startAngle in degrees, endAngle in degrees);
–ofCircle and ofEllipse add completition in degrees (like a cakeslice;)
–ofGradientRadial(ellipse or circle,x,y,r,g,b,a,r1,g1,b1,a1,width,height);

–oFWait(time in ms); (to make pauses in loops and slow them down)
–ofSlider(startValue, endValue, resolution, visibleState);


Continuing with dbachmann post, a good thing would be to have an imagefilter toolbox with things like
–ofEtc :smiley:

On the other hand, i know that this is too complicated, but according to my experience, there’ll be a lot of people trying to reuse the ofApplications inside other ofApplications. Perhaps there’s something to be thinked so an ofApp can be imported from another ofApp.

just a status that things are coming steadily –

you can take a peak at the SVN, but we are just checking ironing out the details for pre-relase 2.0.

definitely coming, tested and ready to go is:

fmod sound support, with fft
direct show video

plus, we have been working very hard on a simple opencv wrapper that is coming together. We are not sure about how to work it in to the library, if it will be part of the core, or a kind of add-on, but either way, it will have many of the image based operations you are asking for above. Currently, it consists of a grayscaleImage class (that wraps an opencv based iplImage) and a class for detecting contours. I am working hard to get it to a nice release state and as soon as it is, we will get it out.

Also, theo has been working very hard on osx, doing static libs, and making universal libs, so it should be alot easier to make cross platform applications. We also have a simple opencv implementation in osx working very well, so we feel pretty confidant about supporting the opencv classes.

Finally, we have gotten about halfway through switching the 0,0 position to the top left, since that seems like a pretty strong request. we have a boolean flag now, and we are working on making the transition. It might not be in the next release, but it will be very soon 0,0 in the top left…

keep the suggestions coming, we are very interested in your feedback!


it would be great if the screen resolution would change according to the window size in fullscreen mode on winXP.


having keyReleased along with keyPressed proved necessary for a game i was working on a while back.

I added it to my old version of OF without much trouble… havent needed the feature for any of my .02 stuff yet. Next time i do it, ill document it and make an instructable or something if you havent already gotten to it yet.

thanks – that’s very helpful.

theo and I just needed key released too - it’ll make it into the next version… screen resolution change should also be in there, using glutGameMode.

what we are currently working on:

a) non-power of two textures (on cards that support it) – done
b) big time bug fixes that make the movie player work with way less overhead — done
c) midi i/o — 1/2 done
d) quicktime output — 1/2 done
e) network / udp / tcp — 1/3 done
f) some new addons, xml, stk and directory reader — done
g) some helper functions to make mac / pc code more similar w/ regards to directories
h) some additional graphics commands (bezier, polygons)

some other people are working on :
mrxtoolkit as an addon
vec3f, vec2f as an addon

once we get a little bit further on this list, we are going to release OF.

please keep the suggestions coming!! the feedback is super important.


I don’t know if this is already in the works, but maybe a general FFT/invFFT library with a configurable spectogram function, for example?
(Edit: I found the ofSoundGetSpectrum function. Respect!. Still, the inverse would be cool too. Never the twain shall part)

I imagine openFrameworks will differentiate itself from projects like Processing through it’s increased speed. What I look forward to is all the computationally heavy stuff that would normally bring Java to a halt…but accessed through a clear, simple API that is as easy to read as Processing. OpenCV is a great start in this direction I think…

we can take a look at wrapping fftw as an addon. It might be useful, especially since there are some nice projects, such as jos stam fluid simulation that require fft.

note that the ofSoundPlayer has fft (via fmod) that can be useful if you just want to get the fft results from playing a sound file. (edit, ah, you saw it. cool. we will take a look at FFTW. Another simple fft example can be found in the source code for audacity, that could be useful for forward / inverse of audio…)

we are getting closer on tcp/udp and midi. Theo sends on this teaser video:


more soon!

I’ve already used the Dominic Mazzoni FFT code in a project (with the inverse), but as I’d like to port all of my stuff to OF it would be great to have those functions present too.

I’ve previously looked at FFTW but found it offered more than I needed. But if as they say it’s the fastest open FFT impementation in the West, bring it on!

yes the mazzoni code is quite clean, compared to fftw, which is a bit of behemoth.

We would like to include that code, but it is GPL, and we are trying to stay clear of the gpl - perhaps adding it as an addon that you can plugin. the problem, as we see it (this is our first experience with open source – please correct if this is wrong), with GPL is that the moment we use gpl code in the core of OF, we can’t release under a non-gpl license. We’d like to stay non-gpl, perhaps with a bsd or mit or someother kind of license, so that people can safely use OF for commercial, closed source projects. Which is one reason to have addons - we can keep the code LGPL (or MIT / BSD / APACHE / or whatever) and let people add in GPL code if they want to, and do what they want with it. I guess people who are really zealous with GPL issues can take OF and fork it, if they want to and make a GPL version, but we’d like to allow for the widest range of uses.

we will take a solid look at both and see how to plug them in…