What would it take to run OF on a BeagleBone Black?

Hi. I’m aware of other threads that explain how to run OF headles on a BBB. I’m interested, however in running a graphical app created with OF in a BBB.
How hard is this to achieve? I looked at a diff between the raspberry pi version of OF and the ARM7 version but I couldn’t see anything that gives me clues.
Is this something that could be pulled of in about a weeks work for one person or is this a major project. Where would be the place(s) to start?
I’m guessing somewhere in the code you have to tell OF to use GLES but I haven’t been able to find where…
Any input is appreciated :slight_smile:

According to this page it is arm7 so I would

  • Find a hard-float debian distro for it (hard float is a must unless you want to compile all of OF’s dependencies yourself)
  • Download the OF arm7 0.8.1 distro
  • Try and compile OF
  • Try to compile and run the examples

To use OpenGL ES 2 you will have to modify ofAppEGLWindow as it has RPi specific stuff in there

I actually have a BBB but once I found out it didn’t have the OpenMax capable drivers (hardware accelerated video encoding/decoding etc) that the RPi does I didn’t go much further

So no drivers available… :frowning:
Do you know if those drivers exist at all? is this something that the BBB people are planning to release?
Thanks for the info!

While I was working to get OF running on the Beagle Board XM, I saw a lot of info regarding the BBB. The process should be generally similar, and I’ve outline some of the process in this thread:

I think these guys have a BBB image that includes SGX drivers preinstalled. may be a good starting point.

Also the elinux wiki was a good resource for me.

Thank you Tim, I’ll look at those links carefully.

I’m confused with something, maybe you guys can help with links that clarify. OpenMax capable drivers and SGX drivers have been mentioned. What are they exactly and how are they different? do we need both?

I know there is also OpenGLES which, if I understand correctly, is the low level API that OF uses for rendering and this API needs the mentioned drivers, in order to access the GPU. Correct?

Thank you!


This might be a way.