What workflow (IDE?) to recommed a beginner for raspberry pi 3


Hi everyone!

[Apologies if this should be in the beginners category!]

I am supervising student starting a project for the Raspberry pi 3 with openFrameworks.However, I have no experience with the Raspberry pi 3, so I have two very basic questions:

  • Is it a good idea to not use cross compilation and just use the Raspberry pi 3 for development (my student has an HDMI monitor). I’ve read that it is ok for the pi 3, but most of the documentation is for cross-compilation so I am not sure if I understood correctly!

  • If the anser is yes: If it it were me, I would use emacs (I love emacs). But I am not sure if one is to recommend emacs to a young person with not a lot of previous experience in programming. Are there IDEs that people use on the Raspberry when not cross-compiling? Or, put it the other way round: Should I recommend my student to cross-compile from his Mac because it will make his life easier?

(This thread has me worried too: Install of on raspberry pi 3
because I believe it’s related to my questions but I don’t understand how :sweat:. My student will work in a project using video and webcam attached to the raspberry. But he has raspbian installed. Should he have archlinux instead??)

Many many thanks in advance!

Best, Luis.


I have found the most straightforward way is to mount the drive and use whatever editor you want.

This way is cross-platform and IDE agnostic. If you want to cross-compile you can do that as well.

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@jvcleave, just wanted to say thanks. managed to get the mentioned workflow to work without any problems - never expected that :slight_smile:

as an oF- and linux-noob i’m now pretty happy with this:

i threw my “app” into a pregenerated visual studio solution by linking in the source files from the rpi share.
now i even got intellisense and code navigation.

tomorrow i’ll try and tackle some one-button solution for starting the build on the vm and running it on the rpi afterwards. more automation! :wink:

again: thank you!

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Nice! I do something similar with Xcode.



I am the student referred above. Thank you so so much for this information, it was really helpful! With this i am able to be quicker in my development. I have quite a knowledge about samba, but never try with it, now on it will be a must in my projects.
I hope get more in with this world, from now, i am still a beginner, but i am pretty sure this will become in part of my future “background” projects. So i will use this forum normally!:slight_smile:

Thanks again, for the fast answer!