What windows PC for installation with kinect v1/v2?

Our intel nuc has two mini DP ports, we have 5 units installed on different places, all running great 24/7 are a bit old but works great

You can see here the two DP outputs

ok a bit expensive for my setup. This is also barebone. I just saw that Nuc has some new pcs out will check them out.

@panderito do you also have installation in shop windows. I have problems projecting directly on the window. What setup did you have there?

Yep the same you saw on the video but in a shop window in madrid, what problem do you have?

I use two Optomoa 1080 short distance beamers and project on the shoping window usig post-it notes as as a canvas. The pixels of th people I have colored yellow. I have problems that during the day it is not very good visible. I have also added to small screens on each side of the window.

what setup do you use?

Seems like you need more lumen in your proyector, and you will need the inside of the shop with the lowest light possible… you are fighting agains the external light. If the posit notes are yellow you can try to make white shapes but not much difference. And the posit notes will not help also.

In that install we used projection and a transparent projection film over the glass… https://vimeo.com/77453112

I not usually use projection, mostly use a big led screen setup

thanks. Yes I know but in a 4200 projector from Optoma. But the shop will anyway close tomorrow like all shops. Will be fun to watch the difference how many people are still in the streets. How did you do this awesome pigeons. I also want to do something like this. Did you also do this dog I found in the examples online?

The pigeons are real… you need a lot of patience to do that film :slight_smile:

I think i know the dog you say… and not is not mine, i think theo did it. I hope that nobody will be still on the streets

sure in Germany yes. Shops are still open today.

A lot of different reviews have already been written about Kinect. Therefore, it isn’t easy to find any information about its installation. If you have purchased the Kinect option for XBOX, you will also need an adapter from the standard kinect connector to USB. The adapter can be easily bought in the store or made by yourself. The standard kinect connector is the same 4 USB pins + 1 12 volt pin for the operation of the camera motor.