What version of OS X and Xcode have you been able to build OF 0.10.0 apps for iOS with?

I’m trying to get an OF Mac/iOS development system set up, and am curious which versions of OS X and xcode people have been successfully using with OF 0.10.0.

(Looking at other threads, apparently Xcode 9 works, and Xcode 10 works but has some current hiccups.)

(I asked another question with a similar goal today, but I’m thinking this form may be easier to answer and give some other interesting information about people’s experiences.)

To participate in my own thread, I have been able to install Xcode 9 on macOS High Sierra 10.13.2, and so far it has been building and running my openFrameworks projects without issues.

Xcode 10 works for me. I documented my installation here. I had previously been using Xcode 9 but just did a fresh install of my OS.