What version of OpenGL does openFrameworks use?

What versions of OpenGL does the open frameworks library use?

I know nothing about OpenGL, but want to learn the latest version. Does anything change from version 2.0 to 3.0? I was worried about learning depreciated functions/approaches.

I want to learn OpenGL for/via openFrameworks, so thought I could start hacking at the easyCAM example etc.

I have tried to get the 5th edition OpenGL superbible examples working (without openFrameworks) but I haven’t managed to get them compiled with windows 7 & x64.

Any advice appreciated


Until you get into the more advanced features, I wouldn’t worry about OpenGL versions just yet. OF runs on old intel integrated graphics cards that only support openGL 1.2 or whatever, all the way up to the top of the line radeons and geforces with version 4+. OF will obscure a lot of the straight openGL calls from you so you really don’t need to think about openGL at all. Even with things like shaders, the ugly stuff is swept under the carpet and you only have to know how to use the nice clean OF interface.

You might try getting a book on OF instead of one on OpenGL?

I have got the ‘programming interactivity’ book, what other ones are there?




do you know if there is a way to test openGL, I’m having problem working the application examples for OF.

Whenever i call draw, i get a plane colored image sized shape! and no video or image captured what so ever.

I tried a simple example loading an image, do some changes and saving it in some file and the code is working however i still have problems with openGL.


@dima, what graphics card + operating system are you running? from your other posts it sounds like you might have an old card that is acting funny?

hi kylemcdonald,

Im using windows 7.

regarding the graphics card

Name: Mobile Intel® 945 Express Chipset Family
Chip Type: Intel® GMA 950
Total Memory: 256MB

I think whatever i have supports openGL up to 1.4.

thanks for replying

wikipedia says the gma 950 is missing some super basic features that are used by OF for rendering.https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Intel-GMA#GMA-950 i don’t have enough experience with this card to offer more advice. but i would consider trying to make opengl calls directly using glBegin()/glEnd() rather than trying to use ofBegin()/ofEnd() which may be using features that your card does not support.

mmh i don’t think ofBegin/End should be a problem in any graphics card. Your problem is with video or a camera right? probably is just related with some missing dependency (have you installed quicktime) Is this the same as: http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/of-v007-problem-in-ofvideograbber/6866/0

That seems some problem with the video library not with opengl

the reason i suspect that it’s an opengl/card issue rather than a camera issue is because dima posted some other threads about only seeing a single triangle rather than a full quad when drawing images.

edit: i misread one of his posts, sorry :slight_smile: you’re right, it’s probably a camera issue, not opengl.