What version of OF should I use for the shaders tutorial?

Hello all,

I’m going through the shaders tutorial, but I’m not sure how to run the corresponding github code, which I have downloaded separately.

The examples don’t see to compile under the latest stable (0.8.3). What version need I use?

I’m seeing compile errors like:

src/main.cpp:9:38: fatal error: ofGLProgrammableRenderer.h: No such file or directory


src/ofApp.cpp:9:32: error: ‘ofIsGLProgrammableRenderer’ was not declared in this scope

Additionally, it seems the links for the nightly ‘builds’ are all broken, e.g.: of_v20140719_linux64_nightly.tar.gz

I tried to pull the whole openframeworks trunk, but there are a lot of static libs in there and it is taking forever.


The “No such file or directory” for ofGLProgrammableRenderer.h would imply it’s not in your include path for some reason, which is odd. The file should be included in 0.8.3 under openFrameworks/libs/openFrameworks/gl/

Which IDE are you using?

Thanks for that hint. I’m not using an IDE, but a makefile. I copied the makefile from one of the examples, but forgot to change the OF root to match the tutorial structure.

This should work, but now I see I can’t get 0.8.3 examples to compile. I’ll post that as another topic.