What version am I using?

I’ve been handed an OpenFrameworks project with the libraries and directories you get from downloading the framework. How would I go about finding out which version this is? Is there a file that reports the version number?

Try ofGetVersionInfo().
If the function doesn’t exist, try checking the ofConstants.h file in utils folder for something like the following.

#define OF_VERSION_MAJOR 0  
#define OF_VERSION_MINOR 7  
#define OF_VERSION_PATCH 4  

Thanks; that helps a lot. Is there also a place where I can find version specific documentation? I looked around the files and I don’t see anything that pops out as API documentation.

http://www.openframeworks.cc/documentation/ is not what you’re looking for? it’s not version specific, but it’s API documentation. also, you can look at the changes.txt file to see what changed between the versions. if you don’t have it: https://github.com/openframeworks/openFrameworks/blob/master/changes.txt