What restart on crash program to use with a standalone windows install?

I am running an shop window installation with two kincets and to small windows computers. I tried out this old software


but it crashed.

I also put vnc viewer on the two pcs and restarted them but then the beamers were off. How do you avoid that?

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On windows we use this one

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in the web/js world, people use tools like pm2 or forever. i am quite sure that they support binaries too. ofxWatchdog could be also interesting for oyu.

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I use this https://www.coretechnologies.com/products/AlwaysUp/, I have had work running with this for years at a time.

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could not get always up working and the appmonitor programm crashed. But restart on crash works fine!

Always up is a bit strange to use, but when you have it configured it is pretty amazing.

could not get gmail working and it also not really restarted a program. What did I do wrong?

It’s been a while since I did it. There was quite some instructions on the manual, but the support was quite good from the company as well. Maybe if you had trouble it is worth contacting them.