what kind of gamepad works with ofxGamePad addon?

hi @underdoeg, I’m trying to use your useful addon in Ubuntu 12.04 64bit. It compile fines but i’m trying to use my wireless xbox360 gamepad controller (bought together within my xbox…) but it’s not recognized. Should i try with another type? shall i use that kind only for pc? I need to know because i think that i have to bought one of this and don’t want waste my money for nothing…
Many thanks

I think Bluetooth gamepads have their communication set up in a different way than OIS, which I think is more for USB mouse/keyboard/gamepads. We used it with a few different USB gamepads (I don’t remember what kinds) and it was fine.

so i will buy a cheap usb gamepad ! thanks for the info @joshua !

i bought a usb microsoft xbox360 Gamepad and works good in ubuntu 12.04 64bit!

Very cool. I’d like to get a wiki going of devices for addons. I know there are informal ones around, but something a little more formal might be nice for people

do you mean generally for OF addons? or just for ofxGamePad?
in the latter case, the wiki of the ofxGamepad git page is probably the most logical place.
in the former case, I think the OF github wiki is the proper place - make a page and maybe some structure, link on the wiki entry page, and type away. :slight_smile: