What is your preferred Linux workspace?

Hey all,

I’ve made a jump from OS X to Linux, and for now will set up OF with one of the supported suggested IDE’s from the website - probably Eclipse maybe QtCreator. Whilst I do that I’m still re-jigging and playing with my setup, and will install a lighter distro than Ubuntu within the next couple of weeks.

If anyone has any tips, preferred apps/workflows I’d love to hear about it - being fairly new to the Linux paradigm I’m aware I may be ignorant of some cool stuff.

Anyway, thanks :slightly_smiling:


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I’m far from proficient in OpenFramworks, but I like Sumblime Text 2 and Make from the terminal.

I had issues setting up QTMaker, so maybe there is better ways to do things.

Hey, I got QT working after a few issues too, not sure what your setup is but the 64 bit or [32 bit] (http://download.qt.io/official_releases/qt/5.5/5.5.1/qt-opensource-linux-x64-5.5.1.run) linux installer was a breeze!

It was a while ago. Part of the issue was me not taking the time to learn QT. :slightly_smiling:

personally i like to use geany as editor (with custom skin/code template and treebrowser plugin) and i make with this command
make -j4 -s 2>&1
(j4 for the number of cores, -s for streamlining the output and 2>&1 for restoring the error/warning output that -s removes)
for debugging i use gdb
for profiling i use valgrind / kcachegrind

i also sometimes check my file’s code before compiling using
gcc -fsyntax-only -std=c++14 -Wpedantic filepath.cpp
(assigned to a geany shortcut it also underline the errors directly inside the code)
but with oF it won’t work without including all the path of the included headers


I use Qt creator and vim with a couple of plugins.
I like having a full featured IDE and a powerful customisable text editor.

Qt creator is cross platform and works very well. Also it runs in vim mode, this way you can use vim shortcuts. I use it for most of my programming jobs.

If I just want to edit a few lines or fix some bugs without having to load an IDE like Qt creator, I use vim. Once you are used to vim and know your shortcuts, it saves you lot of time. And another nice thing about vim is that it runs in terminal, so you can work remotely using ssh, which can be very handy if you just want to change a few configs on your remote linux server/raspberry pi.

For web based projects I use github’s atom editor.

We use here Eclipse as IDE and Geany as simple editor/fast viewer.

Do you have a template you can share for OF/geany?
I’d like to use Geany for OF projects on RPI, but I can’t seem to configure it correctly.
I can edit files and make in the terminal, but maybe it can be more like an IDE?


my advice is to activate the Addons, Auto-Close and TreeBrowser plugins, and then generate ctags for openFrameworks and the addons with this bash script (you have to execute it from the oF root folder):


if [ -d "/home/$USER/oF" ]; then

    cd /home/$USER/oF/addons
    find -type f -name "*.h" -print0 | xargs -0 geany -gP ofx.cpp.tags
    sleep 1
    mv ofx.cpp.tags /home/$USER/.config/geany/tags

    cd /home/$USER/oF/libs/openFrameworks
    find -type f -name "*.h" -print0 | xargs -0 geany -gP of.cpp.tags
    sleep 1
    mv of.cpp.tags /home/$USER/.config/geany/tags

    echo "oF ctags setted"



Thanks! I will give this a try.

ok… I got the script to work, but I don’t see how to combine the OF libraries etc.
I have all my files loaded, but trying to compile just says it can’t find ofMain.h etc.
Do you have a screenshot or something that shows the file setup?


are you compiling from inside geany? or by writing make in the console? invoking make from geany from the correct file path could be a bit more convoluted, i usually use geany for editing and make straight from my terminal

OK thanks - I got it to work inside Geany by hard coding a path for ‘make’ to find the makefile.(from ‘build commands’ setup)

It would be nice to find a way to setup a Geany template for OF projects.