What is the purpose of the ofxOscReceiver copy operator/constructor?


I can’t figure out how the copy operator ofxOscReceiver & ofxOscReceiver::operator=(const ofxOscReceiver & mom) is supposed to behave. Is it supposed to litterally copy over the information, and become a second identical receiver? Or does it take over the receiving of messages?

I know how to use it in code, a simple example could be this:

ofxOscReceiver receiver1;
ofxOscReceiver receiver2 = receiver1;
ofxOscReceiver receiver2(receiver1);

But is receiver2 supposed to be listening to the same port as receiver1?

When I change oscReceive for it to have two receivers, and try to output both messages, I only see the messages for the first receiver.

I’ve attached my modified example of oscReceive

ofApp.cpp (5.9 KB)
ofApp.h (1019 Bytes)