What is the best / most well maintained Kinect addon?

So, we’re 5 students that are going to make an interactive installation using 2 kinect for windows, it will involve multiple users being detected and tracked simultaneously. I’ve used ofxOpenNI previously but that was a year ago and now it seems its in a very different state. What are your opinions on the various addons and what libraries they use?

Hi Veqtor,

If you are using Kinect for Windows, then you don’t have much choice. As I heard it is only working on windows, with OpenNI.

Using OpenNi give you access to quite some information that can be of a use for you, such as: skeleton, hands tracking and so on.

At this moment libfreenect on which is based ofxKinect from theo does not support the Kinect for Windows so you can forget about it.

I hope this answer your question :slight_smile:

Thanks, so ofxOpenNI, who maintains it currently? It seems somewhat fractured…

On windows, i have very good experiences with ofxKinectNUI, which is based on the official microsoft SDK. Its compatible with the 1.6 microsoft SDK but only implements the 1.0 features (so no seated mode, face tracker & extended depth images).

ofxKinect is basic: no skeleton tracking
with ofxOpenNI I had some strange issues on windows, but if you decide to use it, go for the experimental branch. Its better and more logical then the master branch, and quite stable (on osx anyway)