What is the best addon for networking?

I want to send gryoscope rotation data from the iPad to an OF app, at the moment I’m using ofxOsc but there are moments when the framerate drops on the receiver app so I wonder if there is a better addon for the job and looking at ofxaddons.com I’m not sure which on to pick, any help will be much appreciated.

You can view an example of a quick prototype here http://vimeo.com/32109840

maybe you hit this bug or something similar with ofxosc: http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/serious-slowdown-with-ofxosc-on-windows/7823/1

OSC really is the way to go unless you have specific needs. I would solve your OSC problem before going UDP. To answer your question, sending your data over a UDP connection is your best option if performance is your goal.

Ehm, OSC uses UDP, too, iirc. What are you saying?

I was describing shipping off UDP packets and parsing them manually on the client side.

Again though, OSC is the solution ~90% of the time. I’d try to fix your OSC hiccup issue before I start looking at other methods of data transfer.

I will try to fix the OSC following bilderbuchi links will report back if I manage any progress