What is the apothecary exactly?

It maybe sound like a dumb question, but what is the apothecary, and what is it’s purpose, in which situation is it useful ?

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It’s a tool we use mostly internally to compile the libraries openFrameworks depends on, things like Freetype to open truetype fonts, or freeimage to read images. apothecary compiles all this libraries for the different platforms so when we do a release we don’t have to compile them manually for each of the supported platforms.

if you are downloading OF from the webpage you don’t need to use apothecary.

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I’ve actually been banging my head around it all week without much progress. Is there any documentation available?

Same here. I would also like to know a bit about it. This the main place to start reading:

My case is:
I would like to have a fast way to keep track of libraries used, their versions and licenses. Maybe using something like ofGetLibrariesInfo() which could be somehow using the info stored on apothecary.
I posted about this a while ago but seems there is not much interest on it.

If anybody knows some way of achieving this please let me know.

It has been long time but thank you for your reply.
I am having very similar problem now.

I want to use different version of openCV.
Then, is modifying the apothecary what I need to do in order to use different version of openCV in the openFrameworks?

yes you can change the version number in the opencv script and use apothecary to recompile it

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Thank you for the reply.
Just to make sure, utilizing the apothecary to recompile it is the only way I can use other version of openCV in openFrameworks right?

no you can just compile whatever version you want of opencv and replace the libraries in the opencv addon. depending on which platform you are using, though, that might require more steps. for example in osx we then create 1 file library from the multiple libraries that compiling opencv produces.

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Arturo, Thank you for your reply.

I am working under Windows developing with VS2017.

If you don’t mind, could you describe what you mean by extra steps depending on which platform we use?

I tried to figure out myself, but I am having difficult time finding some references on how to do that.

in visual studio you should just need to compile and copy the library but opencv 4 is not compatible with OF yet if that’s what you are trying to compile

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Thank you for the reply.
Yes, I tried to use OpenCV4.

Thank you for clarifying that OF doesn’t work with OpenCV4.