What is openFrameWorksCompiled, and how can I create it?

Howdy folks. I’m on win64 running vs2017. I am new to oF, but I have a fair amount experience with coding and cpp. I tried to copy one of the samples to the partition root to see if I could build outside the oF directory, for organizational purposes. When I went to open the solution it returned the error

Blockquote error : The project file could not be loaded. Could not find a part of the path ‘G:\libs\openFrameworksCompiled\project\vs\openframeworksLib.vcxproj’.

From the above information, my intuition is that the solution expects brebuilt static dlls or headers. If so, how do I go about building them? If not, is there any “official” way to build projects outside the oF folder?

Many thanks in advance


At least on macos you need to use the project generator and update the project. It should probably work on windows too. Just drag the project folder onto the project generator window and press up Update.
It works even if the project folder is outside of the OF folder.
Doing so it will link correctly to the openframeworks lib.


Thanks so much for the info. However, regarding the broadr issue; is openFrameworksCompiled a buncha static dlls, or something else?

it is a static library, not a dll. yet actually openFrameworksCompiled is a folder, which is in the libs folder in teh openFrameworks root folder.

When you download openframeworks it might not have these files, so the easiest way is that you open any example and compile it. That should create the compiled library.

Gotcha TY. I stayed away from anything cpp-based until now because the compile loop is annoying, so I always look for any little tricks to increase compilation speed.