What is fastest way to draw particles in OF?

For a particle system in OF, I’m using an OF with an EasyCam. Looking to draw a particle system quickly ( > 10000 points ) . I’m interested in three representations (1) simple points for fast playback (2) representing a point with a texture. Any suggestions ?

You can either calculate particles on CPU and then use mesh to draw the points or do it entirely on GPU where you will have to update all particles in a shader.
With a CPU version you should be able to use several thousends of particles in realtime. On my machine I was able to draw about 40.000 particles with one thread.

Have a look to examples/math/particlesExamples for a CPU particle system.
Have a look to examples/gl/gpuParticleSystemExample for a GPU particle system. The second one is a bit more complex but faster.

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