What is a recommended GlobalDpi of ofTrueTypeFont?

Hi, I just found out the default GlobalDpi of ofTTF is set to 96.
I think I’ve seen many OF examples that use 72 as a GlobalDpi and I don’t know why.

I want to know how setting the GlobalDpi actually affects the look of a font.
Can’t the font size be set when loading the font?
And what is a recommended GlobalDpi size in general? 72 or 96?
Thank you very much in advance! :slight_smile:

It seems like when setting the globalDpi to 96, the size of the font roughly matches with the actual height of the font in pixels.
Meaning, if you see the image below, I set globalDpi to 96, and size of both font and an outlined rectangle were set to the same value and the height of the font almost equals to the actual pixel value.

So maybe it makes more sense to set globalDpi to 96 ?