What IDE do you use?

Hey All

I just got a PI and I was wondering what IDE people are using?

I have had a quick crack at Codeblocks but I cannot seem to get it to load the openframeworks project. I know what the error is. There isnt a codeblocks arm7 project file.

What IDE’s can I use that work with the makefile system?


It’s not a complete solution but I use Xcode to edit and then the terminal (via SSH) to compile/run

This is an older version but the Readme has more detail

:slight_smile: Same here… As I plan to write full compatible apps between OSX & PI, I edit on XCode, build debug on XCode, then time to time launch the makefile on the PI.

The /src directory is mounted on the PI, so the source code is the same…

I think to add a kind of watchfile on the PI to recompile each time a source file is modified…

BTW, Jason I use ofxOMXPlayer -> fbo -> binded on mesh, it rocks !!! 60 fps !

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Xcode here in case Im using my mac… If Im on my linux machine I use sublime and the old fashioned terminal :smiley:


I use vim on osx and linux. It is very powerful in combination with a couple of plugins.
Vim runs in terminal, which is very nice if you work remotely over ssh.

so pretty much everyone uses xcode and then ssh over to the pi.

how do you debug?

There aren’t any good debug (or profiling) options - I will use gdb if I absolutely have to (it’s super slow and has a lot of quirks) but I primarily use logging.

on pi I also would go with gdb; If you develop on Mac- use Xcode, Windows - visual studio, Linux vim oder Atom editor with gdb; QT “IDE” would be also a good option

Mostly I develop first on one of the mentioned platform. After I start porting the application over to the target one. It saves time, increases debugging and IDE comfort (depending on OS)


hey I would like to understand your process. I am new to oF and I want to setup around the terminal (and VScode if possible) and hopefully not use Xcode at all. Thanks in advance.

Editing on Xcode, pushing to git, pulling the git repo from Pi and make run. (Yes I know ssh exists but our school networks don’t allow ssh into the pi if I’m connected to the wifi on the laptop - some weird security restrictions and I’ve found this method works for me! - of course, needs a keyboard etc connected to the Pi but if you’re looking for IDEs it means the Pi is not headless anyway).

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