What hardware do I need?


I am planning to start costing a job where the user would interact with a projected piece of work.
The interaction would be:

  • the user walking pass would be detected and the shapes would appear
  • the user moving their arms at a specific location would trigger things

I was wondering what kind of equipment I need in order to track the users motion. I am thinking some kind of infrared device that is mapped to the projector output.

Many thanks

Unless it’s going to be in daylight you should use a Kinect or an Asus Xtion. If it’s going to be in daylight you should use an RGB video camera.

Thanks for your response.

My only problem is that kinect only tracks if it sees a skeleton and it’s only up to 6 people per kinect. I am sure about the environment yet i.e. daylight or not.

Before kinect people used to do this kind of interaction. what kind of equipment were they using?


Depending on the situation they were using IR video cameras with IR floodlights, stereo camera systems, or just a single camera with fancy human form recognition algorithms. How many people are you looking to identify and is it a scenario where there will be lots of things that are not people in the scene?

it should work for unlimited number of people but I imagine 10 people. there’ll only be people.

do you have any reference for these - IR video cameras with IR floodlights.
Maybe a blog post using openframeworks.

I found these as well


do you they are valuable solutoin?