What framework is best for my goals?

Hi, first post here. I’m looking at Processing or openFrameworks.

My goals are:

  1. Generative Art for print and web
  2. Charts and graphs for print and web
  3. Eventually down the road I’d like to do some touch screen as well as xbox kinect work.

My experience:
I have some experience with art scripting from TI-86 graphing calculator which I wrote programs on to draw pictures. I’ve also tinkered with POV-Ray a long time ago and more recently Rhino Scripting. I don’t know Java, Python, C++ or anything else though.


  1. Can both Processing and openFrameworks do all 3 of my goals? Particularly the part about print and the part about Xbox Kinect.

  2. Which one should I learn first then?


i would start with processing and work into OF over time. some of the realtime interactive stuff can be faster with OF, but if you start with processing you will learn almost everything you need to know to work with OF later.

I would agree with Kyle that starting with processing first is a good step. Processing comes with loads of useful examples and the http://openprocessing.org/ community has even more. Starting in OpenFrameworks can be a little frustrating if you aren’t used to your IDE, conversely the processing IDE takes care of all of this headache for you which makes the initial learning curve much easier.

How about Paperscript? Is it too different that it wouldn’t be a good stepping point or it would be? I was reading that Smashing Magazine article comparing Paperscript, Processing and Raphael and Paperscript sounds very powerful having true objects unlike Processing.