What do you use to drive multiple projectors

Noobie question here… I’m curious what you professionals use to drive multiple projectors from a single computer, or if you use multiple computers.

I guess that you mean hardware. Usually one or more GPUs with multiple outputs. Also the Matrox triple head is quite common.

Thanks Roy! The Matrox triple head looks useful for my MacBook Pro setup.

well, actually if you have a macbook pro you already can output to several displays without the need of any external hardware. you just need some adaptors (USB-C to HDMI or MiniDisplayPort/Thunderbolt to HDMI) and you can have 3 externall displays.

The thought of driving all those pixels sounds too resource intensive. But
I don’t speak from experience. Is that what folks do?

Sure, the more pixels the more load you put into the GPU, but it shouldn’t be much of a problem on any decent machine.
Running all on the same machine will always be easier and cheaper than multiple computers. Your MBP is capable of driving a large number of pixels, so dont worry about it.

Thanks for the advice Roy. Is there a rule of thumb or specification you
use for estimating if your graphics card can handle your concept?

I use MadMapper for all my projection needs. I’ll spit out Syphon from oF and then use MM to map what part of what goes to which projector etc for installations/performances involving multiple projectors.