What can be done (if anything) about iOS devices reporting touch coordinates snapped to screen edges?

I’ve ported an App from Android to iOS, and one thing I noticed was touch input seemed much harder to detect. At first I thought it was my small iPhone 5s test device, but in an effort to see what was going on, I added a visual display of where the last touch input was, and I see from this that when I touch near the edge of the screen, I get a coordinate that is much more right on the edge than it really was, so if you put a small button with a small space between it and the screen edge, pressing the button tends to give a touch coordinate that is in the small space off the button on/near the screen edge instead.

Have people run into and solved this? I looked for something like ofSetTouchSnapToEdge(false), and may have missed it, but I don’t see anything like that.

I realize I can work around it by having my controls treat edge clicks as clicking the control, though that’s going to be tedious and seems like a technically wrong, non-ideal, side-effect-causing and platform-specific fix.