What camera/capture setups are you using?

Hi all,

looking to get a new camera/capture setup for my OFW projects.

It would be great to see what others are using, and for what…

I’m using a

USB Logitech Quickcam Pro 4000 ($35) *hacked w/ IR filter*
IOXperts Mac Driver ($20)
Mac OS X 10.4
on a PPC G4 1.33Ghz laptop
OF 0.02 (03 gives me issues with this camera/driver…)

doing some IR tracking with LEDs. The thing will do 640x480, but it crawls my app. Totally unsure as to whether its the camera/usb/computer/my code thats slowing things down.

Thanks lots!!


Can you try the camera with the free maccam driver for os x:


how is it with that driver - openFrameworks 003/004 should also be okay with it.