What arguments to choose this or that GUI system & Views ?

I’m actually looking for some reasons to use https://github.com/rezaali/ofxUI or to mix ObjectiveC with nib files & OF as we can see in the iPhoneGuiExample

Using ObjectiveC and Views, it is interesting but in my case, here are my needs:

  • design my own UI elements (unusual sliders, 3 states buttons etc)
  • design customized transitions between “views” (I mean, between the differrent screen of my app I mean)

any leads? opinions? experiences ?
I’m interested by your words :slight_smile:

Hi Julien,

I made a couple classes for handling views (what I call Layers) in openframeworks…I haven’t released it online yet. Each View aka Layer is like a testApp…you can have multiple layers running, or just one (which then makes my add a pseudo state machine).

Keep in mind a transition is just a view that goes from one view to another view…which is easily done with “ofxLayers”…

Each Layer can have its own gui (ofxUICanvas).

What is the nature of the app? Also there is ofxStateMachine (which is similar).

Hello Reza,
nice to “meet” you here.

I’m now ok with your nice UI kit.
It works very fine with iOS stuff.
I’d like to customize them a bit, maybe make some circular faders…

Layers would be perfect.

The app is a sound application, very light.
I’ll need to have different panels + 1 playground where the action will happen.
I’d like to implement the panel as views that would come “over” the playground.
the playground would have 3 buttons at the bottom.
I push one, then the view 1 appears over the playground.
the view is a bit translucid (we can see the playgroun) then I can change parameters with sliders etc
if I push another button in the views, I can change the view
I can also close the current view to retrieve my playground and interact with it.

ofxLayers is the couple of classes you talk about or is it another implementation ?
I’m very interested.

ofxUICanvas is a part of your addon right?

ofxStateMachine ? I didn’t try this one.

Right back at ya Julien!

If you send me an example of the circular faders, I might be able to do that for you…currently I am developing a couple more widgets for ofxUI.

I will upload ofxLayers later to github and include an example or two so you can see what it can do…hopefully tonight…

ofxUICanvas is part of ofxUI, its where the action happens.

ofxStateMachine is here: https://github.com/neilmendoza/ofxStateMachine

sounds magic :slight_smile:

the circular fader I have in mind is basically a liner one, but not linear.
it could be drawn as a circle portion (I mean, it could mathematically described as radius, startAngle, EndAngle)
(5, PI/2, PI) would be the upper left part of a circle divided in 4.
position PI could be 1. or 0., as PI/2

About Layers, I guess it could answer to what I’m trying to do no?

I didn’t quite follow you on the circular faders…

I think layers and a layer manager might be what you need…think of them as views and view controllers from Apple’s UI Kit…

about ui, I can sketch you something on tomorrow. (I mean, a drawing for now. a bit later, maybe I’ll add some stuff to your so powerful kit)

about layers, please, don’t talk about objectiveC and pure ios stuff :stuck_out_tongue:
kidding, of course
ok I totally got it.
I guess I’ll use it and maybe, it could be interesting for you if I use it in a “real life” project, making feedbacks etc…
Let me know

let’s keep in touch :slight_smile:

thats would be great, I think a sketch would be really helpful so I can get on the same page.

I would love to see the UI and Layers in a real world project. I’ve use them for a couple, but nothing to mainstream yet.

contact me over email!