What are you using for mesh deformations/subdivisions/smoothing?

Need to do some stuff with ofMesh and I don’t think I’m qualified enough or have the time to do all the implementations myself, so I was looking around for addons.

ofxButterfly looked cool, but it doesn’t work for me, at least on iOS, throwing out errors because it can’t find GL/GL.h… which I guess is normal. And also it’s a few years old at this point.

So, what are you using? Some subdivision addons would be nice. So would other utils like smoothing/cleaning up a mesh, etc. is there anything out there? Deformations are easy enough, but if I’m deforming a mesh I need to subdivide it for it to be smooth and a lot of times ending up with overlapping triangles too because of the deformations, so something that can help with cleaning up/smoothing…

I’m having the same need. I was thinking about using one of these:

In the ofxAddons page you can see a few repos for these. But they are quite old (4-6 years old). My implementaton will be for desktop OS, so I don’t know about iOS.

True, there are not so many addons out there in this field. For boolean operation, I can recommend https://github.com/neilmendoza/ofxCorkCsg by @neilmendoza