What Are the PC System Requirements


Searching the oF website I was unable to find anything on system requirements for oF programs to run successfully. For example, I spent some time banging my head against the wall trying to figure out why a couple of programs just weren’t working. As a long shot I took the executable and ran them on a netbook I bought last fall and the programs worked fine. So obviously the problem is with this computer I am currently using.

My video card is the NVIDIA GeForce Go 6800 with the most current drivers available from Dell (2005). I am also at version 2 of OpenGL.
So is this my problem or is it something else? Is there a minimum system definition document out there somewhere that will help me identify why oF programs don’t run properly on my laptop.

Thanks. Jim

it really depends on the single program: i.e i have computer vision stuff that needs a good amount of ram, a fast cpu and a good video card and I have quick sketches that run smoothly on very old laptops.

as a general rule i would say that as long as you can use opengl, you can use of.

I must say that I have not found that to be the case. For example even working sketches do not retain a “memory” of what their state was when focus is shifted to another window. The apps I’ve written so far are very undemanding and some simply fail on this laptop - which has no problems running either Photoshop CS4 or Processing. The fact that the problems I’ve experienced are limited to apps developed using code::blocks, mingw, and openframeworks tells me that the problem lies therein.

The question that I would like to have answered is what is the minimum version of openGL required to successfully take advantage of features like ofImage and ofTexture?

No answer ? I’m trying to port a app from Mac to Pc, and I have some troubles with Windows XP, OpenGL 2.1. I’m unable to use ofTexture too…

I know that this is a old question, but if someone can help us understand, I go to bed less stupid :smile:

the minimum opengl version is 2.1

Thanks for the reply.

Any ideas why some PC (with OpenGL 2.1 or more) don’t like FBO (crash or flickering)?

might be something with your particular graphics card not supporting FBOs or that you need to update the drivers