what and how to install openframeworks

i am a absolute beginner trying to start with open frameworks
and programming, but i want to give it a serious try.

please tell me what to install to be able to start.

i downloaded
codeblocks WITH mingw
pre release v0.061 fat version for codeblocks

do i need anything else ?
like dev-c++ ?


no, that should be enough, dev c++ was th ide that was used before codeblocks. only be careful to complete all steps in the setup guide, specially step e:


once you complete all steps you can open the examples in apps, just open the cbp files in codeblocks and press compile and run to try them.

thank you for the reply.
i installed everything and i am able to- build and run- some example apps.

some don’t work because of:

freeimage.dll could not be found

what have i to do ?

where do i go from here?

warmest regards


this is un update to my previous post.

when i quit code block
and restart it then
open the same project again
freeimage.dll is not missing anymore and the app works.

whats that ???


I’m not sure if this is the same problem, but I can’t run any of the example I’ve tried (graphicExample, eventsExample, a couple more) since trying to upgrade to 0061 - all say ‘This application has failed to start because FreeImage.dll was not found.’ The 006 examples still work fine, so that’s something… but what’s with the upgrade fail? I wanted to use ofSetBackgroundAuto which is broken in the previous version…