Weird visual bugs in android x86 emulator (video inside)


I tried to goodle it out for a couple days without any success and essentialy just gave up. Compilling and running literally ANY example results in some weird mess of polygons in android x86 emulator. No code changed, pure original examples. One important thing is that on the actual device (google Nexus 4) - that exact same examples are running just fine and act like expected, would be very grateful for any hint in what can be wrong here.

I googled some info about some driver problems with opengl’s VAO some time ago, but looks like everything must be fixed by now.

Im using Ubuntu 14.04(NVidia drivers) with latest Android Studio. Tried various API levels and NDK versions, from 10e to r14b, nothing helps. Here is the link to youtube clip which shows exactly what is happening on my side:

Really appreciate any help on this matter.