Weird Rendering with ofxOculusDK2

I have an FBX mesh I’m importing into a VBO. When I draw it via the ofxOculusDK2 DrawLeft/DrawRight it looks like the winding order or something is screwed up. When I draw it just via a camera with depth testing it looks correct.

Any thoughts @obviousjim @kylemcdonald @prisonerjohn?

Also I updated my fork of ofxOculusDK2 to use the Oculus 0.4.4 SDK and it works a bit better.


fixed it

What was the fix? looks like Z-fight issues or not having enough depth on the z buffer

@obviousjim looks like if you build an Fbo with ofFbo::Settings the default is to not use a depth buffer. I think that might have changed recently.

I just had to add this:

ofFbo::Settings settings;
settings.numSamples = 4;
settings.internalformat = GL_RGBA;
settings.useDepth = true;
return setup(settings);

in bool ofxOculusDK2::setup()