Weird ofEasyCam behaviour in iOS


I am using the ofEasyCam on my iOS project, it does rotates the camera but it does not preserve the arcball behavior like it does on a normal(non iOS) app.

On every new touch/click the camera rotates a little bit to that new point and this does not let you do a full 360 rotation on any axis, I duplicate the class and change all mouse events to touch events, and also change it to allow for the pinch zoom in/out behavior but there is something in the code I cant understand and not sure how to make it work properly.

Find the attach any help making this to work will be much appreciated.

A bit dirty code inside, maybe because is friday 8)


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yeah. this is bugging me too.
I was thinking of just writing my own touchView functions

but scince this post is some days old, any progress already?
might save me some time and headache.

No progress at all I’m a bit illiterate on 3d matrix rotations! But I’m happy to collaborate as much as I can

Did anyone get anywhere on this? I’m also wondering how to get ofEasyCam to work properly with touch devices (like it does with the mouse). It also seems to rotate the wrong directions if the orientation is landscape.

Hi Seth,

I did some work on the subject but is leading me no where, find my project files attach I’m following the arcball principles but still doesn’t work for some reason.

Anyone wants to take shot at it? will be much appreciated