Weird compilation errors on Manjaro

My system is as follows:

Manjaro Linux
NAME=“Manjaro Linux”

When I try to compile the non-nightly version it fails and I can’t progress any further.

When I compile the nightly version I initially got warnings about vectors, but now it just compiles without any output.

But when I try to compile the project generator I get this

But I can still make, then make run and I can get the examples to work. For all of the errors above it said to report the problem in the forums, so that’s what I’m doing. I also hope anyone can help me debug this, thanks!

Hi on manjaro you need to do some changes to this file to:

typedef struct ALCdevice_struct ALCdevice;
typedef struct ALCcontext_struct ALCcontext;

to :

/** Opaque device handle */
struct  ALCdevice;
/** Opaque context handle */
struct ALCcontext;

and thats it

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Hello cyrstem, thank you for help, that indeed allowed me to compile, though I did see alot of errors relating to the vec struct fly by, do you know what that’s about?

Also I tried to compile the project generator and I get this .

mmm i don’t get those errors .
are you getting the nightly vs?
if not. try that one and don’t forget to do the same changes in the new vs