weird character error (In member function â)

hi, I am getting loads of these errors compiling an old program

src/testApp.cpp: In member function â:
src/testApp.cpp:424: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions

This is with 062 under Ubuntu maverick. All dependencies should be there. This is an older unfinished app I wanted to improve. I have been trying to find some solution online but I get all kinds of answers. Most of those erros com from the first line of for loops, like this one in the line 424.

for (int i=0; i<layers.size(); i++ )

I have tried to delete and rewrite it in case there was some weird character that I did not see in my editor. I opened the file with gedit, bluefish and xfwrite to see if any of those editors displayed something weird but all seems fine.



aha! so it is not an error in my file but rather that the compiler now gives me an error because comparing signed and unsigned integers!

I wonder why this did not happen before, maybe some compilation settings…

ok… the problem was somewhere else… god this is confusing… I need more sleep

did you solved it?

was the message you were getting exactly that or did you translated it? sometimes codeblocks get’s confused when it sees aviso instead of warning and it thinks it is an error.

try this:

hi arturo

the problem was that I am trying to move from working with codeboclocks to compiling with make and I did not understand the output properly as it is a bit different. I thought those warnings were the problem because I had never seen them before in CodeBlocks but the fact is that the error was “hidden” by all those warnings.

Is there any howto or tutorial about how to debug C++ when using make to compile? I am trying to use gedit to code and make to compile but then I is more difficult to debug than CodeBlocks.

thanks anyway