weird camera error - urgent

when i try to run a motion vector analysis program, it gives me error:

ERROR: SampleCB() - buffer sizes do not match

this is with a brand new unibrain fire-i board.

It was working great at first, but after i’ve installed their drivers and made some configuration changes, these errors pop-up.

i’m on windows with gcc compiler.

Please help

what size are you trying to capture at and what size does the device natively support?

  • zach

ok, i got it. i was trying to capture at 320x240, but camera does not support it. :slight_smile:

it’s xga, it only supports 640x480 to 1024x768. setting it at 640x480 solved my problem.

but, i remember running it first time, i got a warning saying that the camera does not support 320x240, thus the program will capture it in 640x480. (it was done automatically) right now, i’ve manually converted it to 640x480.

tomorrow is the big day, i’ll post pictures and videos of the performance here.

thanks a lot.

hi, i am getting captures from my web cam but i had the same problem. i got errors on console and the error is that " ERROR: Samples()-buffer sizes do not match". You said that it depends on the web cam capture size. How can i change it. i think my web cam gets 352*288. How can i change it??