Weird bug with ofVideoPlayer and ofxHapPlayer

hi friends,
in the process of building a video player based application I have been fighting for a couple of days with a very weird bug, that goes like this: a freshly created (GStreamer based) ofVidoPlayer instance cannot go further than load(), hanging forever in the internals where a new player object is built:


Strangely enough if some other application using GStreamer is run (like totem or the ofVideoPlayer example) and closed then everything goes smooth until the next reboot. Further runs of my application load the movies without any problem :thinking:

After a LOT of stripping down and experiments the core problem turned out to be the ofxHapPlayer addon, but weirdly enough it does not need to be used to create the bug, just adding it to the addons.make poisons everything.

So what can I do to use both players in a single application? that is required since both the hap video and the regular h264 etc. have to be played if needed.

I have no idea where to start debugging something like this… what could happen when loading an addon that can cause problems inside the OF library itself?

Thank you for helping a puzzled me :slight_smile:

More strange things… the following snippet will result in a non functioning Hap video:

videoPlayer = new ofVideoPlayer();
videoPlayer->setPlayer(ofPtr<ofGstVideoPlayer>(new ofGstVideoPlayer));
hapVideoPlayer = new ofxHapPlayer();

but if I comment out the second line the Hap player works fine. There definitely is something weird under the hood.

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I’m having some issues too, in fact it works until I have an ofxHapPlayer object declared.
after that in my constructor I have a different issue

Call to implicitly-deleted copy constructor of 'ofApp::vid'

I’ve seen your issue on github and I’ll try to add info there.