Weird black flicker at the setup phase of my app

So on my app

When you start up, the default.png is white and ofBackground(255, 255, 255); is the first thing in setup. Even with nothing inside of draw() the problem exists.

When the app starts, it is white, it flickers once to black, then back to white again to draw the content etc.

It seems to be happening here (well looking at the logs & when the flicker happens)
Little Digits[2429:707] layoutSubviews

I looked in layoutSubviews in EAGLView but can’t see anything. Could it be in the init of renderer or views?

Any ideas would be great, thanks!

iOS 5 - iPad - OF0071

Are there any glClear calls that you can try to comment out (or set to white)?

I’m too distracted already to search for you :smiley: but there was a thread here about making a sexy transition from default.png to the running app, involving some Obj-C hackery. I think that’s what you’ll need to do even if you want to do a straight jump.

Easier alternative would be to a fade-in from black in your oF code. Still annoying to go from the white default.png, but a smooth fade lessens the impact.

Agreed with SiW: this went away for me when i added a UIImageView showing the correct Default.png image, then faded that out.