WebGL vs OF and working with the GPU

I’m moving into a framework that works on the gpu and I am trying to decide between WebGl vs OF. I like OF because of it’s community and working with c++ sounds fun to me. With webgl I like the ability to work in realtime plus webGPU is coming out soon which might be fun. So with these factors I am at a stand still picking between the two. I was hoping anyone can give me some suggestions regarding the two and maybe somethings to look out for. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @Potassium,
not sure, if I understand it right and if my answer is true. But if you want to build something for the web / browser you will use webGl, even if you use OF (with Emscripten). I think webGl itself is more basic (and complicated), but maybe also more efficient, while OF (as a Framework) is easier to use…

I’ve gotten a few contradictory replies regarding whether to go with OF or WebGL as I have been asking this in a couple places. The browser isn’t my goal, it’s more what is able to handle the biggest load I guess and if there are certain issues I should take into consideration when choosing one over the other. I’ve been told webGL is faster to get up and running while with OF there are quite a few things you have to manage from memory to instancing even. Also the fact that you have to compile. In the end I’ve been told that OF will be faster just because you are working with c++ instead of JS.

sorry for the confusion my post last night was made on my last two brain cells that were awake

@Potassium no problem. Its more, that I am not an expert myself.

Hey @Potassium , you may want to have a look at this post from @Theo regarding oF, Dawn, and WebGPU. I’m not sure if he did any more work on it or not, but is sounds like he did get a oF and WebGPU working together. If it helps, you may want to work with both frameworks for a bit to see if you like one over the other. Its possible that oF may someday have an option for rendering with WebGPU.

thats interesting, thank you